Established South African fine art printmaker

Titia Ballot, established South African printmaker known primarily for her etchings, has plied her craft for over 40 years. Her life-long involvement in art included teaching art and art theory, judging national art competitions, collaborations with other artists (notably Belgian printmakers) and curating Stellenbosch University’s art collections. Visit the following galleries to view and purchase her work: The South African Print Gallery, Cape Town.

Shown here are various stages in the development of a traditional colour etching using three plates.

For Dutwa (1990) pays tribute to my father, an educationalist, who kindled an enduring thirst for knowledge and respect for nature in his children.

One could confidently walk in his footsteps and follow the landmarks he set for living a meaningful life.

By placing ordinary things together in extraordinary and often irrational context, they become meaningful symbols conveying my ideas.